Just before I left London in 2019, me and my brother joined forces from our shared passion for food and finally had the balls to launch our first food venture in London. Airballs. 
We both where born during the 80’s in South Africa and raised on Madeira Island. Tony is the older, and Airball’s operational director. I’m the younger, and I’m the art director, food stylist and designer.
This is our mother’s recipe, and on Madeira Island they are known as Sonhos, or Dreams in English. It’s our tradition to eat them during Carnaval. Some say the recipe comes from Brazil, others France. All we know is that when we first fell for them, they came from our mother’s kitchen.
We decided to give it a new name and create a brand out of it. Because they’re truly mouthfuls of air we could only call them: Airballs. When you expect to find a filling inside, there’s nothing, just a light taste of salt, all followed by a satisfying sweet topping and a pleasant crunchy nut or sugar crunch.
The kitchen.
Tasting event - London 
Street Food Market - London 
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