On November 16 we launched a pilot in the Nordics to supercharge Nike.com with a disruptive phy-digital campaign to make Nike.com unmissable. Both physically and digitally. We wanted to innovate, push boundaries and try things we have never done before to deliver consumers an unforgettable experience, with the Nike.com truly at the heart of the campaign.

We kicked off by dropping a "Mission Control" film made entirely with stock footage teasing a huge sneaker box landing in the city and two more follow up films.
We built up energy and excitement of a secret event happening exclusively for Nike members through media, email, Nike.com homepage, influencers, entertainment, athletes, and affiliates. Consumers could sign up to a secret event to access some exclusive products on Nike.com, but without knowing the location.
We then revealed the location of our huge sneaker box that we dropped. It was wifi enable and became a disruptive pop-up store for Nike.com and had 3D projections to story tell the products launching.

We had exclusive launches on Nike.com/sneakers which consumers could only access trough the sneakers box wifi. We had hundreds of sneakerheads turn up over the launches and sold through nearly every product within less than 20 minutes.
A few minutes after we sold through, the customized sneaker van was Incomiiiiiiing to the square and all products were hand delivered to consumers out of the back of the van. This was the fastest sneaker delivery in the world!
Check out the recap film:
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