Istanbul's history is a tale of overcoming adversity. Since its foundation, the city has suffered several invasions, wars, and destruction. Yet despite all of that, the Turkish have always found a way to stand as one, rebuild the city and start again even stronger than before. 
This unbreakable spirit is also true in sports. Last year, Fenerbahce Basketball lost the Euro League Champions final in the last second. But even that didn’t bend their resolve.  This year, following a storming win in their final game against Olympiakos, they finally laid their demons to rest by reclaiming the Championship and their crown. 
To celebrate this monumental victory we went to Istanbul with acclaimed photographer Samuel Hicks to shoot five key members of the team - Bobby Dixon, Nikola Kalini, Ahmet Duverloglu, Melih Mahmutoglu and Bogdan. ​​​​​​​
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